Enfield's parks - great assets for healthy and prosperous communities

Enfield's parks are the lungs of the borough, a space to breath and for the next generation to grow and learn life skills. Its dozens of lovely parks all have individuality and many come with historical heritage and wildlife.

We think our parks go a long way
to distinguish Enfield from inner urban boroughs

No surprise Enfield is also the fastest growing borough in north London and likely to continue to attract residents seeking quality of life and space to grow.
But population growth and industrial development put pressure on parks and open spaces.

For so many reasons our open spaces are essential not optional.

The Consortium of Friends was established in 2010 - a key part of its work today is to defend our open spaces from needless incursion. Come and help us with the work.

Maintaining and enhancing the parks is key to our quality of life, and the Consortium of Friends exists to protect and enrich them
We work to preserve these vital assets. On the web you will find contact details for each group; not all parks have friends groups - why not get together with friends and start one now?
It's fun working with like minded people - and can there be anything more rewarding than leaving such a vital heritage to the next generation?

Consortium of Friends of Enfields Parks.